If after receiving your assessment notice you think your property has been inaccurately assessed, you can file an appeal. You’ll have 45 days to appeal with the Board of Assessors after receiving your notice and can find instructions for appealing your property taxes on the county website.

After submitting an appeal, the BOA may offer to adjust a property's taxable value based on the evidence submitted. If a reduction is offered, the property owner is not obligated to accept the offer. Typically, the offer is a fraction of the amount a property owner or agent could receive if they choose to push the appeal to the Board of Equalization (BOE).

The BOE is considered a formal hearing in which the board of hearing officers will listen to the appeal and make a ruling. The expected appeal timeline of a BOE hearing is around 180 days.

Note: In situations where an appeal was not resolved by the time a tax bill was mailed, you are required to pay a temporary bill. Legislation HB 197 states that if a property’s value is under appeal, the taxpayer has the option to pay 100% of the proposed bill, the lesser of 85% of the proposed bill, or taxes based on the prior year's value. Once the appeal is resolved, the tax bill will be recalculated to factor in the payment already submitted.

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