Florida Property Taxes 101

Florida's average effective property tax rate is 1.28%, although that amount varies greatly depending on the county.

Many Floridians pay their taxes through their mortgage, but for those who don't, taxes are typically due between November 1 and March 3, depending on the county. Property owner's should pay close attention to their due dates, because there are often early payment discounts of 1% to 4%.

Florida offers homestead and other exemptions which can provide a significant benefit to owners at their primary residence. The Save Our Homes amendment to the Florida constitution limits annual increases to assessed values by 3%. Additionally, the state offers a Non-Homestead assessment limitation on properties now qualified for a homestead exemption that limits the increase of a real property assessment at 10% each year for non-school board assessed values.

Beyond savings through exemptions, property owners in Florida can save money on their property taxes by appealing them if there is evidence that the property has been inaccurately assessed.

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