Where do I submit bills I want reduced?

To submit a bill to Ownwell, open your property in your portal. The Ways to Save section will have multiple ways to help reduce costs and one of them is labeled Bill Reduction. From the Bill Reduction tab, just pick a bill from the drop down and provide a couple bits of information such as provider name, an image of the bill, etc. and then submit it.

What happens after I submit a bill?

Upon submission, we will gather the information you've shared and work with the provider directly to get the bill lowered. If we need additional information we will reach out to you. After a successful bill reduction is achieved, we will notify you of the results.

How much does it cost?

Ownwell's Bill Reduction uses the same Savings-Or-Free Guarantee that you know and love! We charge a contingency fee on the savings amount and you only pay if you save. The contingency fee ranges between 25%-35% depending on your properties location.

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How does Ownwell Bill Reduction work?

What states are you located in?

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