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Every year, your county tax assessor estimates the value of your property to determine how much you owe in property taxes. Counties do their best to assess accurately, but they might not have the full picture. That's where Ownwell comes in.

When you receive your annual property valuation notice with your new assessed value, don't just accept it at face value. We'll take a deep dive into your assessment and conduct a comprehensive market analysis to ensure have a fair assessment and you don't overpay.

Ownwell ensures you will never overpay property taxes again.

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The appeal process

We’ve got you covered. Sit back and get ready to save! Learn more about the typical appeal process.

Evaluation | Expert Analysis for Accurate Valuation

Our local property tax experts evaluate your property based on recent sales and market data. We will perform a comparative market analysis to see if your property has been overassessed.

Filing | Hassle-Free Paperwork

Leave the paperwork to us. We file everything necessary and use our solid relationships with assessors to smoothly track your appeal's progress.

Evidence Preparation | Building a Strong Case

We compile compelling evidence for your appeal, leveraging our cutting-edge AI to sift through vast data sets quickly, ensuring nothing is missed.

Hearing | Your Advocate in Action

Our local property tax experts will stand for you at hearings, skillfully presenting your case for a fair assessment. Our negotiations with the county aim to secure the savings you deserve.

Results Confirmation | Sealing Your Savings

Post-hearing, we confirm the outcome to guarantee your victory is reflected in your property tax savings. We do the math so you can see the difference we make.

Save year after year

Maintaining a low assessed value for your property annually sets a favorable baseline for future tax assessments. By consistently protesting your taxes with Ownwell, you ensure lasting savings. For instance, a 10% increase on a $300,000 assessed value results in lower taxes compared to an increase on a $500,000 assessed value. Protest with Ownwell every year to keep your taxes manageable.

Strength in numbers

Join your neighbors at Ownwell and increase your chances of higher savings! Assessors look at surrounding home values to determine fair assessments in your neighborhood. When more of your neighbors appeal, it lowers the average assessed values around you, improving your chances of significantly lowering your property taxes.

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Only pay if you save

No upfront costs

Local tax experts

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Whether you're managing a few properties or a large portfolio, we can help.

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Ownwell's property tax experts drive success in every Ownwell appeal. They foster relationships with your county and build cases tailored to your market ensuring you receive the best results.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much do you charge?

We charge nothing up front and only charge a contingency fee after we save you money on your property taxes. If you don’t save money, our service is entirely free.

How much can I save?

Single family homeowners that earn a reduction typically save about $1,148 per year through our service on average. Try out our savings calculator to see how much you could save. Real estate investors can contact sales for an in-depth analysis.

How do you lower my taxes?

We manage the end-to-end process of property tax reduction, from paperwork filing to discussions with county assessors and attending appeal board hearings. We use a combination of proprietary technology and local knowledge to build the best evidence to reduce property taxes.

How does the referral program work?

You can invite friends and neighbors to sign up for Ownwell by sharing your personalized referral code with them! You can find your referral code in your portal at the bottom right of any property overview page or in your account settings. After your friend signs up and is verified as the property owner, you'll see a 20 reward as a referral credit on your account. Your friend who signed up will also earn a $20 referral credit.

How is your fee calculated?

Our fee is applied to actual property tax savings in the year we appeal. For instance, if our fee is 25% and your property tax bill is reduced from $5,000 to $4,000 our fee will be applied to the $1,000 difference. In this case, the final invoice amount would be $250. You can find pricing for your region here.

How are tax exemptions taken into account?

Our contingency fee is applied to actual property tax savings in the year we appeal. If you have an active homestead exemption, over 65 exemption, or any other tax exemption applied to your property, we will adjust your final fee by the appropriate discounted amount. You won't be charged unless your final property tax bill is actually reduced, and we have a signed document from your taxing authority to prove it.

How are property taxes calculated?

Each year, the county tax assessor generates an estimated market value and an "assessed value" for each property. These values form the base value (“basis”) upon which the property is taxed. The basis is multiplied by the tax rate for your specific tax jurisdictions to calculate the property tax bill.

Is there any risk to my property by signing up?

There is no risk to signing up a property to protest or appeal in Texas, California, New York and Florida. In Washington and Georgia it is possible that a property's taxable value can increase, however we review all relevant market data before filing. If we think there is any risk then we will inform you that we are not filing. It's still important to review your property taxes each year to ensure you're only ever paying what's fair.