Save money with tax exemptions

• No upfront costs
• Savings-or-Free Guarantee
• Sign up in under 3 minutes

Seamlessly save on your property taxes

We manage the end to end exemption process, from sign-up to savings, to ensure you get the tax savings you deserve.


We've done the research so you don't have to. We help identify tax exemptions you and your property may qualify for.

File and save

We work directly with the county to ensure your exemption paperwork is processed and applied correctly to your next tax bill.


We continuously monitor your exemption status to make sure you are always getting the savings you deserve.


Average Annual Savings

< 3

Minute Sign-up Process


Average Tax Refund (when eligible)

Comprehensive tax monitoring solutions

Ownwell monitors your property taxes to ensure you never overpay.

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Easy sign-up & free to file

Sign up for Ownwell in less than 3 minutes to file your exemptions and receive best in class tax appeal support.

Claim refunds from previous years

Answer a few questions to see if you’re eligible for any tax exemptions. We will process and file for free and pursue any tax refunds you may be owed.

Only pay if you save

No savings, no fee. It’s simple.

Ongoing tax monitoring

Never overpay again! We monitor your property taxes every year and appeal or file corrections on your behalf. If we don’t reduce your taxes, our tax monitoring is entirely FREE.

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