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Frequently Asked Questions

What exactly does Ownwell do?

What are your fees? How does pricing work?

What is your property tax monitoring service?

What is your success rate?

How quickly will my appeal be filed?

How long does the whole process take?

My property tax appeal requires unique attention. What should I do?

How can I cancel my service with Ownwell?

How are savings estimates calculated?

Property Tax Basics

How are property taxes calculated?

What is a "property tax assessment" and how is it determined?

Why is my property overassessed?

My tax assessment went down, so why did my taxes go up?

Property Tax Appeals

What is a property tax appeal?

Will an appeal affect my property value or appraisal?

Is it possible for my taxes to go up if I contest my assessment?

Can I appeal by myself?

Should I appeal every year?

My appeal deadline has passed, what can I do?

Once I have appealed, do I have to pay my taxes?

There is an error regarding my property details on my tax bill. Can I get a refund for prior years?

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