Ownwell specializes in property tax reduction for homeowners, small businesses, and real estate investors. To help save you money on property taxes Ownwell will:

  1. Evaluate your current assessment for errors and available exemptions.
  2. Perform a comparative market analysis to see if your property has been overassessed.
  3. Prepare and file evidence supporting an assessment reduction with your county tax assessor.
  4. File county-specific appeal documents with the relevant assessment review board.
  5. Represent you in hearings with your tax assessor and present your case for a tax reduction.
  6. Negotiate an assessment reduction with your county assessor or assessment board.

After completing your assessment appeal we'll continue to monitor your property's future assessments. If your taxes increase, or you become overassessed again, we'll notify you and prepare a new appeal to lower your property tax assessment.



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How does Ownwell Bill Reduction work?

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