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Only 25% of savings

Savings-or-Free guarantee

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Our customers save $1,148 on average

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FAQ / General

What is the catch?

No catch! Ownwell takes care of everything for you and you only pay 25% of what you save. This is what we do best :)

FAQ / General

What does Ownwell do?

Ownwell specializes in property tax reduction for homeowners, small businesses, and real estate investors. To help save you money on property taxes Ownwell will:...

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FAQ / General

How much does Ownwell cost?

There are no up-front or hidden costs for using our service, and you only pay when we successfully reduce your property tax bill. Upon completion of the appeal, we will send the invoice to the email address we have on file.

FAQ / General

What is Ownwell’s success rate?

Our success rate varies across geographies; in any given year, we typically win more than 70% of our cases, saving clients on average $1,148 on their property tax.

FAQ / General

Is my Property Tax Consultant local to my area?

Yes, in the market areas we serve, we have a dedicated Property Tax Consultant that is physically present in the market they are servicing. The specialist assigned to your property has the necessary geographical competence to provide exemplary service!