Ownwell offers the option to escalate your case to a higher court if we believe it has merit. This process is commonly known as Escalation.


In Texas, Escalation is referred to as Binding Arbitration, which provides a cost-effective and expedient alternative to appealing an Appraisal Review Board (ARB) determination in district court. Binding arbitration involves the appointment of an impartial and independent arbitrator who presides over a hearing where both parties, including the agent and appraisal district, present their evidence. The arbitrator then renders a final decision on the value that is binding on all parties involved.


What are the requirements to file for arbitration? 

(1) a protest was previously filed

(2) an application has to be filed within 60 days from the date of the ARB order of determination.

(3) The taxes on the property subject to the appeal are not delinquent and have been paid on time for all prior years. There are no undisputed tax amounts for the year at issue before the delinquency date. 

(4) A lawsuit has not been filed in district court. 

(5) The property is not a residence homestead or the property value on the ARB order determining protest is not over $5 million.




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