A Dream Home with Lower Property Taxes

How a protest helped one customer save thousands of dollars on their property tax bill.

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A Dream Home with Lower Property Taxes

In 2017, Brian and Jessica purchased their dream home in Southern California. Over the next few years, they watched their property's assessed value and tax bill creep up, as expected. Yet at the same time, other homes in their neighborhood were selling for less than they paid for theirs. Jessica called the Los Angeles County Tax Assessor’s Office and spent 30 minutes on hold. Finally, a clerk told her she needed to file a “Decline-in-Value”, or Proposition 8 claim, that could be found on the county’s website. After reading more about the county’s property tax appeal process and the local Assessment Appeals Board, she was still unsure how to proceed.

Finding a better way

Luckily, a friend recommended our quick and easy online service. In just a few minutes, Jessica was able to provide the information needed to get our property tax specialists started on the case. With no upfront costs, our service was risk-free, a “win-win” scenario. After signing up, Brian and Jessica didn’t have to lift another finger.

Our tax specialists evaluated the property the very next day, identifying a number of recent sales in the area that demonstrated the home’s market value had fallen below both its initial purchase price and presently assessed value. We filed all the necessary paperwork and even appeared on Brian and Jessica’s behalf in an appeal hearing. By the time they received their next property tax bill, we reduced Brian and Jessica’s assessment by 8%, or $450,000. Soon after, they received a tax refund of $5,625 for their prior payment. Because of the reduced tax assessment, Brain and Jessica pay less property taxes for years to come.

What were the results?

Prior Assessment$6,250,000
Post Ownwell$5,800,000
Assessment Reduction$450,000
Tax Savings$5,625
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