The Florida Condo Tax Bill That Kept On Going Up

How we helped a retired senior keep their home.

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The Florida Condo Tax Bill That Kept On Going Up

Valerie purchased her 2-bedroom condo in Miami, Florida over ten years ago and has since enjoyed her retirement in the Sunshine State. Strangely enough, Florida’s high property tax rates are rarely advertised in the brochures sent out to attract new residents. Year after year, Valerie watched her property’s taxable value increase alongside the local tax rates.

Valerie lives on Social Security and retirement savings, so she budgets her spending each year. When she received her value notice for the year, she was shocked. In the last year alone, her property tax bill went up 12%! That's too high! Something had to change quickly, or she’d be forced to move. After searching online for expert help, she found our service.

She inputs her address and instantly received a savings estimate of $1,100. Still skeptical, she searched for more information, and found our 5 star Google reviews, which convinced her to complete the signup process online.

Within two days, Valerie received an email confirming that her property tax appeal had been filed with the Miami-Dade Assessor’s office. Just two weeks later, Valerie got another status update notifying her that the County Tax Assessor was going to reduce her tax bill by almost 15%. She was thrilled! Her only regret was not finding us sooner.

What were the results?

Prior Assessment$530,000
Post Ownwell$470,000
Assessment Reduction$60,000
Tax Savings$1,260
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