When working with the County Appraiser's office, it's vital to have the most accurate information possible to improve your chances at receiving a reduction. Due to this, we make sure that your account has everything necessary to build a strong appeal. Occasionally we will need documents or information from you to ensure that we can manage your appeal. We will always reach out to you by email with requests for further documentation or updated information. Below are the most common instances where an "Information Required" alert will appear on your property portal. If you don't see one of the reasons below in your property portal, please reach out to our Customer Experience Team.

Owner/Property Verification Needed:

This typically occurs when your name does not match the name of the property owner on record in the county tax system. This issue can typically be resolved by uploading a copy of your assessment value notice you received from the county for this property to our property portal. In some instances, if you recently purchased a property, you will have to call the county and request a record update for the property. Without your name officially connected to the property in the county system we will not be able to appeal your property taxes.  

Verification Re-Sign Needed: 

Often this alert is triggered when you have signed up for an appeal with a name that doesn't quite match what is listed in the county record, such as signing as yourself when the property is owner is listed as an LLC or is in the name of a spouse or family member. Fortunately, these are easy fixes and you'll just need to re-sign the authorization exactly as listed by the county if you are the listed owner. If your spouse or family members name is on record, we will need them to sign the authorization document.  

Expired Authorization Re-Sign Needed:

Most counties have expiration dates for authorization forms on record. If you've been a customer with us for a few years, you may be asked by the county to sign a new authorization form to verify that we are still your agent on file. We will send you this reauthorization form through email. 

Trust Documents Needed:

Frequently we handle appeals that are owned by trusts. While this is not typically an issue, occasionally we receive push back from the county on an individual's association with a trust. Often the solution for this is to submit a notarized copy of the Certificate of Trust, ideally with your name and the name of the trust clearly visible on the certificate.   

Closing Disclosure Needed:

If a property was recently purchased, including a closing disclosure with your appeal can be helpful evidence in getting a reduction. When uploading the closing disclosure, please be sure to provide all 5 pages which should include: the property owner's address, sale price, realtor details: seller and buyer information, real estate commission, and signed signature page. 

Income Information Needed:

For revenue producing property or properties, the county may require your to include financial information for your appeal. This may include information such as Rent Roll by Unit, by month and/or a Profit and Loss statement for the taxation year. 

Proof of authorization needed (Company/Entity):

When authorizing Ownwell to appeal property taxes for businesses, the county may require proof of authorization of the individual signing up for services if their name is not attached to the tax records with the county. For requests like these, we find that a signed Power of Attorney, property management agreement, or service agreement designating your authority and containing a signature from the property owner is usually sufficient evidence of your association.

Property Improvement Costs:

If any improvements have been made to the property between the period beginning January 1, of the tax year and December 31, of the tax year then we'll need you to upload any quotes and invoices you have for any construction performed on the property during this timespan. This helps us with building your appeal and proving inaccurate assessment of your property during this timespan. 

Suspected Deferred Maintenance:

Property damage and deferred maintenance are great ways to support claims of over assessment by highlighting aspects of the property that are in bad condition but may have been appraised under the assumption that they were in normal condition. In this situation we'll need you to upload photos and descriptions of the damage to the property, as well as any quotes or invoices you have received regarding any needed work or repairs. 



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